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New Customers - Wholesale Application

Thanks for your interest in carrying one of the lines we distribute in your store. Please complete and submit the below wholesale application.  We will review your application and provide wholesale details upon approval.

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Owner Name
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Person Responsible For Billing
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Please list 3 trade references with name, address, phone number and years in business.
In making this application and clicking “Submit Application,” I/we understand that all accounts are payable according to the terms as described on the current price list and as shown on each invoice. It is at the sole discretion of Remarkable Yarns to terminate a business relation with 30 days notice via email or Registered mail. The application must be submitted by a partner, proprietor or other officer of the firm who has been authorized to open this account on behalf of the company. By submitting this application, you agree to to be liable for all charges made on behalf of your company.