Welcome to Remarkable Yarns. We are proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for Rosy Green Wool, Crave Yarn and Mairlynd printed patterns. We are also distributing Melanie’s new book, Shawls. Tucher stricken mit Stil - Knit in Style. Click here to learn more and submit your pre-order form.

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About us

Our start in the world of yarn and knitting began in 2013 with the opening of our retail shop, Yarn Culture. Focusing on unique and hard to find artisan yarns, we are privileged to meet a wonderful group of yarn dyers, manufacturers and designers. This includes Rosy and Patrick of Rosy Green Wool from Munich, Germany. We hit it off immediately and fell in love with their yarn. Rosy and Patrick were interested in a US Distributor and we knew that we could never reach all the knitters who deserve to knit and crochet with Rosy Green Wool. It was a perfect match. We launched Remarkable Yarns, the distribution arm of Yarn Culture, in 2015. Since then we have added Crave Yarn and patterns by Melanie Berg to our assortment. We are excited about the future as we grow our product lines and expand our reach.